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Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing Company, Social Media Marketing Services, Social Media Marketing Experts, Social Media Marketing Management, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Consulting in uganda ,rwanda,kenya,, ,g+ , We at Crystal Website Hosting are already for the scientific campaigns for Uganda that we are here to help you achieve your win in the elections Almost a decade ago, social media was not the most substantial marketing platform as it is now. It was then a platform for friends having fun together and people sharing their best moments of life etc. However, things have changed drastically over the decade or so, when experts have realized that people are spending more time on social media sites instead of regular platforms.

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The proposal by the Electoral Commission to use the media as the means of campaigning even practical
85,710 subscribers use fixed internet especially in offices. The UCC figures also show that 17,181,56 have phones with which they can make and receive calls, send text messages and provide some of the advanced features found on a smartphone. The other 3,409,724 have basic phones which can only make calls and send text messages.
Therefore, it wouldn’t be far fetched to conclude that it’s only about seven million telephone subscribers who can regularly use the internet and can therefore make use of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media platforms that politicians are able to use for campaigning.

Online Scientific campaigns for Uganda.
1. Creating and running online social media page for you
2. Creating graphics to be posted on social media
3. Posting the graphics on social media
4. Creating online live shows on Facebook , Twitter and Youtube.
5. Record Audios and Videos to be posted on social media Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Youtube
6. Creating articles and sharing them on Social media and popular news websites in Uganda
7. Social Media Advertising


To attract the Facebook audience and grow their number rapidly, we provide an exclusive Facebook page management service.

This critical but crucial task is being handled to grasp Twitter users’ attention who are actively available over them.

The complete LinkedIn profile is created by the professional writer & managed by the experienced professionals using branding strategy.

We implementing the essential YouTube channel building and management tips help you reach out to more fans.

Best Results Are Attained by Best Practices / Dealing with negative feedback on Social media The fact that social media platforms are democratic in nature, which means that people express their views about the virtues as well as any shortcomings of a product very easily. We understand the diplomacy associated with the social media platforms, and here, we know that a problem can always be converted into an opportunity anytime. We do this by mitigating the impact of these negative feedbacks by putting down positive feedbacks on the same page. We can take necessary actions to pile down the negative feedbacks. When you hire us, be ensured that you are hiring a competent partner that understands the language of democracy practiced on a social media platform.

Social Media Audit & Strategy
First, we create a social media marketing campaign as per the business goals and requirements. In our social media marketing campaign, we ensure that our social media marketing goals should be realistic, measurable, specific, and timelined. If the clients already running their social media marketing campaigns then we do the proper social media audit to evaluate the performance of all their social channels. After the evaluation of their social channels, we do the powerful improvements to their social media strategies that will help them to engage more audiences over social media.

Online Traffic Upsurge Needs Meritorious Content
Let’s first understand the concept of organic traffic. Suppose a person visits your post on a social media site, he finds it attractive and useful, and then he visits your regular webpage with the help of a link created on your social media page

Social Media Audit
Social Media Audit involves a number of steps which evaluate and optimize the brand / product / organization’s profiles on social media and strategies related to managing and utilizing these profiles for optimum results for the organization. Diligent and regular social media audits help an organization to lead the competition in terms of online presence. hires us who conduct diligent Social Media Audits to ensure the highest level of online presence for your organization.

Engage with customer, Audience, People
Once the customers or audiences are made aware and the traffic is diverted to your social media pages, you need to convert the majority of this traffic into active leads for your organization. This would be possible only if you engage with your customers positively and effectively. Here, what we communicate, how we communicate and when we communicate are important points to be considered.
Your customers are socially aware people who are constantly on the lookout for information. Thus, regular posting and sharing on your social media are absolutely necessary. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that the posts and shares should be correct and timely.

Social Posting
Your customers are socially aware people who are constantly on the lookout for information. Thus, regular posting and sharing on your social media are absolutely necessary. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that the posts and shares should be correct and timely, We are adept at taking up this task on your behalf. Are adept at taking up this task on your behalf.

Social Media Advertising
Social Media is also an active platform to advertise and promote your service offerings. who would not only help you create advertisements for social media platform but also help you use the social media platform to gather audiences for your social media advertisements and convert them into active leads. Engaging the customers in the social media is the most important task and our professionals are the best in doing so.

Competitor Analysis
After creating the social media campaigns, now we do the competitor analysis and find out the strength of the competitor. We analyze their approach to find out what type of content works best for them. After analyzing them we build better strategies that can beat the client's competitor.

Content Development
Content is always a king whether it is SEO or social media marketing. We know that content can make or break all your social media marketing efforts. With having this approach we create the eye catchy as well as interactive content for your social media marketing campaigns. We never compromise on quality. We always deliver high-quality c3ontent for your social media marketing campaigns. Our focus is always on to provide the content that can reflect your brand and help you to maintain its value.
Get an engaging social media marketing campaign with us and let it be your competitor’s envy.

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