Sending emails with attachments (cPanel webmail)

An email attachment is a file that is sent along with an email message. Email attachments is typically used as a simple method to share documents and images. This article will explain how to send email attachments in cPanel webmail (RoundCube).

Sending email attachments in RoundCube

1- Log in to Webmail and choose the RoundCube option, if not already your default webmail.


2- Click Compose to compose a new email message.


3- On the new message panel, click Attach a file.

Roundcube attach a file

4- Select the file(s) you want to attachment.

Click Upload to attach the file(s) to the email message


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What is the maximum email attachment size?

Doteasy does not enforce an attachment limit. All cPanel hosting plan has a 20MB per email message size limit. The message size takes into account the email header, subject, content and attachment(s). In other words, there is no limit on the size of the attachment, but the entire email message cannot exceed the 20MB limit.

When I send an email with an attachment it is not delivered or bounces back. Why?
The most common reason is the size of the attachment. While Crystal Website Hosting does not enforce an attachment limit, but if you are sending a large attachment, it may fail because it has exceeded the limit of the recipient’s email provider.
Mainly for security reasons, all email server providers limit the maximum email size that an email account can receive. If there would be no maximum size limit, the email server would risk being bombarded with very large emails, causing disruption to the server.
If you send an email that exceeds the maximum email size limit of the recipient’s email account, your email will be bounced back with an error message. Here are some of the most common error messages:

Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit
552: Message size exceeds maximum permitted

System Undeliverable, message size exceeds outgoing message size limit
Another common reason why your email message with attachment is undeliverable is the amount of free space available in the recipient’s email account. If their mailbox has a size limit and the mailbox is full, then your message will be rejected. A better way to send large files via email
If you need to share large files with your recipient, we recommend that you upload the file(s) to your Doteasy web server or any other file sharing service first. Then, you can email your recipient the link (URL) where they can access/download the file(s). This allows you to share all sizes of files without clogging up inboxes or running into size limits.
If you do not want to the file to your Doteasy web hosting account, you can consider these file storage and sharing service:

Google Drive

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